Pre-machined Blanks Save Time For Machining

In addition to our standard Blanchard ground flat stock products, Nifty Bar Grinding and Cutting Solutions can provide economical premachined blanks for significant time savings in any of your machining applications. Premachined blanks can be finished two, four, or six sides in any combination of Blanchard ground, surface ground, or duplex milled surfaces.

Pre-machined BlanksCustom Shapes Capability

Nifty Bar can provide premachined blanks in completely custom shapes and sizes including circles, rings, and free-form geometries. To achieve maximum economy, any combination of flame, saw, and/or waterjet cutting can be used with our finishing services to achieve the desired results.

Wide Selection of Materials

Nifty Bar stocks low carbon steel plate in a variety of thicknesses on-site. We can obtain most other types of materials on short notice from our network of qualified suppliers. Material certifications can be provided for all materials as required.

Choose Nifty Bar

Contact us for expert assistance in selecting the best approach for saving time and money with premachined blanks for your projects. To request a quote for premachined blanks contact us via phone, fax, or e-mail.